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Talerzyki has been designed to delight with its delicious food and exquisite alcoholic drinks. Talerzyki is a charming, informal bistro that defies classification. For some of our regulars, we are the go-to place for excellent eats. For others, Talerzyki is a fabulous bar and an ideal place for a mini get-together. For some, it is a regular pitstop on their nocturnal rounds of Warsaw’s nightlife.

It’s hard to pigeonhole Talerzyki. Is it a great place for fast Polish bar snacks? Is it a restaurant where you know you’ll get a tasty meal? Or is it simply a great bar with a long list of vodkas on the menu?

For us, Talerzyki is an original space that we are continually discovering. It’s in the city centre but tucked away from the main roads. It’s mainly food but also a cocktail bar to beat the best the capital has to offer. You might pop in for a dram of whiskey only to find amazing live jazz. Perhaps you really fancy a classic steak tatare with vodka but end up going for a decadent chocolate dessert. The excitement of the unknown keeps people coming back. What will you find here next time you come…?

Enter the world of Talerzyki and you’ll be warmly welcomed. Drop by, taste something new, have a drink and give way to the less obvious side of life. We guarantee you’ll be back. You’ll want to see more. Talerzyki will get under your skin like all the best mysteries do …

Marcin Koch

Our Team

Our Team


    Talerzyki creator

    Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. He has gained experience in gastronomy for the last 12 years, from London to Hong Kong. Marcin is an old-style host, you will meet him almost everyday in Talerzyki.



      20 years of experience in gastronomy, this is something. Thanks to her you can fill the pulse of Talerzyki. She takes care of every smallest detail and she leads us through avery difficult situation on our way. Hania is an angel of the organization!


        Chef of the Talerzyki

        He is interested in culinary tradition, trends and everything that is around the table and cooking. Smiling and positive he is spreading a passion for cooking. A member of the Wroclaw Food Think Thank culinary organization. He is looking for inspirations so you could always try the best polish tapas in Poland.

        The best drinks in retro styles

        Join us at the bar

        Our bar invites you every day till 2 am.
        Exceptional drinks and the highest quality whiskeys, gins, rums and vodkas.
        The best bartending tradition of the twenties in the modern way.

        Oferta naszego baru

        Alcohols & Drinks

        Vodka Wyborowa, pear schrub, lemon juice, Angostura, sparkling water
        FAFARAFA 21,-
        Beefeater, cherry syrup, smoke ice cubes, choice of 3 bitters
        LITHUANIAN GIMLETnew 23,-
        Beeffeater, Lithuanian cordial, lemon, plum bitters
        SWEET BASTARDnew 34,-
        Hennessy, raspberry puree, lemon juice, cherry bitters, fresh marjoram
        SMOKED BELLINInew 26,-
        Peachtree, Prosecco, smoked ice
        Red wine, Frangelico, lemon juice, Taro aroma
        FIGLE MIGLE 34,- / 44,- for two
        Wyborowa vodka, Beefeater, Cherry Herring, liqueur pine sprouts, cranberry, nut liqueur, Passoa, schrub rhubarb, pineapple, tropic bitters, tonic, soda
        CAMOMILE ON WHISKYnew 29,-
        Chivas, rose syrup, honey, orange bitters, lemon, chamomile tea
        SZTOS - chivas, pickled cucumber, cucumber water 21,-
        Chivas, pickled cucumber, cucumber water.

        vodka (40 ml):

        Ostoya 13,- / 160,-
        Wyborowa 11,- / 140,-
        Wyborowa Potato 12,- / 140,-
        Wyborowa Wheat 12,-
        Krupnik honey 12,-
        Dzięgielówka 12,-
        Siwucha 12,-
        Orkisz 16,- / 234,-
        Cymes Kosher 12,-
        Belvedere 19,- / 260,-
        Chopin Rye 15,-
        Chopin Potato 19,-
        Dwór Sieraków 19,-
        Śliwowica 70% (20 ml) 13,-
        Frant 27,- / 390,-
        Krzeska Ziołowa 23,-

        Gin (40 ml):

        Hendrick’s 25,-
        Monkey 47 36,-
        Botanist 25,-
        Beefeater 14,-
        Beefeater 24 21,-

        Rum (40 ml):

        Plantation 3 Stars 14,-
        Appleton 12YO 24,-
        Gosling’s Black 19,-
        Appleton 12YO 24,-

        sweet vodka (40 ml):

        Orange new 15,-
        Black currant new 15,-
        Chanterelle new 15,-
        Pear new 15,-
        Lemon new 15,-
        Etiuda Quince 14,-
        Etiuda Cherry 14,-
        Etiuda Elderflower 14,-

        whisky (40 ml):

        Four Roses Small Batch 21,-
        Buffalo Trace 22,-
        Blanton’s 34,-
        The Balvenie Doublewood 12YO 29,-
        Caol Ila Single Malt 12YO 29,-
        Ardbeg 10YO 35,-
        Glenmorangie 10YO 29,-
        Glenmorangie 18 YO 54,-
        Canadian Club 15,-
        Jack Daniels 18,-
        Sexton Single Malt 21,-
        Bruichladdich (Islay) 36,-
        Nikka 51% (Japan) 32,-
        Floki Young Sheep (Island) 47% new 43,-
        Tamdhu 12YO Single Malt new 26,-
        Auchenstoshan Three Wood new 29,-
        Chivas Regal 12YO 19,-

        tequila (40 ml):

        Olmeca Silver 15,-
        Espolon Reposado 19,-
        Patron Reposado 39,-


        Hennessy VS (40 ml) 28,-
        40 ml
        Hennessy XO (40 ml) 54,-
        Remy Martin VSOP (40 ml) 25,-
        20 ml
        Remy Martin XO (40 ml) 64,-
        Browar Zamkowy Cieszyn 163,- to 23,-
        Browar Zamkowy Cieszyn: (bottle 0,5 l) Lager 16,- Wheat 19,- Stout 19,- IPA 23,- Mastne 18,- Porter 21,- Alcohol Free 330 ml 10,-

        Sparkling wine (125 ml/ 750 ml):

        Bailly Lapierre Vive la Joie Cremant de Bourgogne Brut 2010 171,-
        Bourgogne / France / grapes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
        CAVA Louis de Vernier Brut 17,- / 89,-
        Catalonia / Spain / grapes Macabeo, Xarel lo, Parellada
        Prosecco Antica Vigna Extra Dry 15,- / 81,-
        Veneto, Italy
        Champagne Mumm 320,-

        White wine (125 ml/ 750 ml):

        Pascani 15,- / 76,-
        Codru / Moldova / grape Sauvignon Blanc
        Srebrna Góra Cuvee Blanc 2018 26,- / 129,-
        Małopolska / Poland / grapes Sayval Blanc, Hibernal, Johaniter, Solaris
        Bencze Virgo Orange 23,- / 116,-
        Badascony / Hungary / grape Pinot Noir
        Vinarstvi Cervinka Ryzlink Rynski Orange 22,- / 107,-
        Moravia / Czech Republic / grape Welschriesling
        Joachim Flick Classic 20,- / 99,-
        Rhenigau / Germany / grape Riesling
        Weingut Sommer Green Sun 17,- / 84,-
        Palatinate / Germany / grape Rivaner
        Gschweicher Urkristall 18,- / 90,-
        Roschitz / Austria / grape Gruner Veltrliner
        Dal Cero Toscana Montecchiesi 18,- / 91,-
        Toskana / Italy / grapes Chardonnay, Vermentino
        Robert Mondavi Private Selection 2016 31,- / 155,-
        California / USA / grape Chardonnay
        Cydr Chyliczki Ice Cider 40 ml 19,-
        Piaseczno / Poland

        Red wine (125 ml/ 750 ml):

        Pascani 15,- / 76,-
        Codru / Moldova / grape Merlot
        Srebrna Góra 2018 29,- / 152,-
        Małopolska / Poland / grape Cabernet Cortis
        Groszer Wein Rote Kuvee 24,- / 119,-
        Burgenland / Austria / grapes Zweigelt, Blaufrankisch, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
        Vigneto Duo Santi Zonta 25,- / 122,-
        Veneto / Italy / grapes Cabernet Sauvignon/Franc
        Dal Cero Valpolicella 23,- / 116,-
        Veneto / Italy / grapes Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara
        Whistling Duck 2018 19,- / 92,-
        New South Wales / Australia / grape Shiraz
        Pisano Cisplatino Small Reserve 2017 23,- / 115,-
        Progreso / Uruguayj / grape Tannat
        Petreny 22,- / 107,-
        Eger / Hungary / grape Pinot Noir
        Vallobera Rioja Alavesa Crianza 2017 29,- / 143,-
        Rioja / Spain / grape Tempranillo


        Herbata Higher Living Organic 10,-
        Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Fruit


        espresso 7,- / Macchiato 9,- / Doppio 9,- / Americano 9,- / Flat White 12,- / Cappuccino 12,- / Latte 14,-

        water (300/700 ml):

        Cisowianka still water 8,- / 16,-
        Cisowianka Perlage 8,- / 16,-
        Coca-cola / Cola Zero 8,-
        Tonic Fever – Tree 14,-
        Tonic Elderflower Fever – Tree 14,-
        Juices 250 ml 7,-


        If you would like to make a reservation please use the reservation form.

        For large groups or reservations made on the same day please call us: + 48 606 546 363.

        See you in Talerzyki!

        The perfect place


        Talerzyki is an ideal place for meetings in a larger group. In a casual atmosphere, with delicious food, specially selected spirits and additional attractions like bartenters shows or food-paring. We also have a VIP zone at your disposal. If you would like to know more about our offer please contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible.
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        Opening hours: Mon – Sat. 16:00 – 02:00
        Reservations: rezerwacje@talerzyki.eu
        Address: Mokotowska 33/35, Warsaw 00-560, Poland
        Phone: +48 606 546 363

        Our guests about us

        Polish way for tapas, but what a taste and ides! Everyone will find something for themselves. Herring, tartare, black pudding and more and all with fantastic combinations of flavors. Friendly and relaxed place, a very good choice to meet friends. I recommend.

        Iwona Sroka

        I missed such a place in Warsaw, a bit elegant with a hint of decadence, the social ferment is boiling here, the food is great and the prices are more than affordable!

        Paweł Rumian

        One of my best experience that I had in Warsaw in one year !! The decoration is on top, good service, served with smile ! And plates .... so so delicious !! I'm recomanding their Tatar, śledzie and kopytka With Dynia !! Join everything With a bottle of proseco and you can die in peace !!

        Igor Baron de Soria

        applause for the concept, amazing that no one has ever thought of it. Bravo for the performance, the atmosphere and above all for the incredibly delicious menu ... after a few visits this place is not boring and I will come back for sure. chapeau bass!